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Meet the team 

Dr. Jessika Martin

Dr. Jessika has spent more than 23 years in the dental profession, in various roles. She has been a dental/orthodontic assistant, dental hygienist and dentist. She is also a Myofunctional Therapist. Her background helps her approach each client with a well rounded perspective. She has a genuine heart to serve. She is a mom to three girls. In her spare time she enjoys crafting, concerts, traveling and relaxing.   

Vikki Ferguson

Vikki was a dental assistant for many years as well as a dental office manager. She continued her education as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and became an owner of a cardiac imaging facility. She is also the world's best grandma and baby snuggler. In her free time she rides her horses, is a beekeeper, babysitter of her grand daughters and seeker of sun, sand and water.  


Oh what fun!

What could be more fun than doing what you love, with someone you love? Vikki is Dr. Jessika's mom. They've always been close and had lots of fun together and working together adds a great new dimension to their relationship. Every day is a great day!

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