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Treatment of Children and Adults

Difficulty breast or bottle-feeding, difficulty transitioning to solid foods, frequent ear infections, tonsil/adenoid surgery, speech difficulties, mouth breathing, ADD/ADHD behaviors, school struggles, chronic allergies, asthma, crowded teeth, tooth decay, choking or gagging on food, picky eater, sleeps restlessly, wets the bed, snores, tooth grinding, stops breathing while sleeping. 

These conditions are common symptoms of a tongue tie. 

Does this sound like your child?


Headaches, shoulder and neck tension, forward head and shoulder posture, mouth breathing, misaligned teeth and jaws, TMJ pain or popping, acid reflux, hyperactivity or inattention, poor sleep quality, snoring, sleep apnea, grinds teeth, speech challenges, tooth decay, frequent sinus infections, deviated nasal septum. 

A tongue tie may be a contributing factor.

Does this sound like you?

If you have an untreated tongue tie your body must make compensations for actions your tongue is unable to perform. This can result in unwanted whole body symptoms. If you would like to see if a tongue tie is at the root of your symptoms, we would love to help you. 

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