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Dr. Jessika Martin

We are a couple moms on a mission to help other moms. There are few times in life as vulnerable and beautiful as the months surrounding the birth of your baby. This time can be incredibly wonderful, challenging, rewarding, empowering, overwhelming, fulfilling and impossibly hard...sometimes all in one day! 

Breastfeeding is natural so we expect it to be easy...but sometimes it isn't. When you and your baby experience struggles with breastfeeding it strains the bond you're developing and skyrockets the stress you both feel. You're not in this alone, there is a community of professionals to help you on your journey and we are privileged to be part of that team. 
Dr. Jessika and her team work specifically with tethered oral tissues,  aka: TOTs. A baby with TOTs has anatomy that prevents them from being able to latch well, so they don't nurse effectively. These TOTs may include; tongue ties, lip ties or cheek ties. When any of these tissues are tethered they restrict movement which leads to a plethora of challenges in the early years and beyond. 

By gently relieving these tethers with the use of a CO2 soft tissue laser your baby will be better equipped to breastfeed successfully. Eliminating restrictions in oral tissues sets your baby up for success as they grow and develop to their full potential. 


Dr. Jessika is one member of a team of professionals in the community whose goal it is to make your breastfeeding relationship easier and enjoyable. Here are some of the other key players involved in a successful outcome that will be a benefit to your journey:  

  • An International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) provides full feeding observation, latch/position adjustment, suck assessment, pre and post feeding weight checks and strategies for correcting problems and managing breastfeeding.

  • Bodyworkers such as a craniosacral therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational or physical therapist can help babies to release tense muscles that have accompanied the tethered tissues. 

By seeking the help of these highly educated professionals you will rule out most other factors, aside from TOTs that interfere with successful breastfeeding. 

Your IBCLC and Bodyworker play a vital role in pre- and post-treatment therapy. Working as a team prevents unnecessary treatment and allows the most predictable and successful outcomes. We are happy to provide contact information for an IBCLC and bodywork provider. 

Team Approach


Phone Consultation

Prior to meeting in person, Dr. Jessika is available to talk with you on the phone to learn about the struggles you're experiencing and determine a path moving forward.

Clinical & Functional Evaluation

Dr. Jessika will combine your history and concerns with a thorough evaluation of anatomy and function. 

Treatment & Support

Release of oral restrictions and personal, frequent communication and support as you navigate the healing process on your way to success.


Contact Dr. Jessika

Call today if you would like to learn if your baby may be struggling with TOTs. 

Thrive Growth and Development

15455 Gleneagle Dr, Ste 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

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